Maissen real estate services

Maissen immobiliendienstleistungen is your competent partner for all needs in the real estate field.

Since outsourcing the administration and sales department from Maissen Achitekten AG in 2004 we're working independently and successfully. Thanks to the cooperation with our architecture partner we can always rely on a competent partner, who contributes technical solutions for all constructional belongings. On the other side we get best support and solutions in law matters from our partner Safi Concept.

Thanks to our partnerships we're able to offer simultaneously know-how in marketing, administration architecture and law - all from one hand.

In order to always be close to our clients, maissen immobiliendienstleistungen has two offices, on in Sedrun and the main office in Minusio/Locarno. This are also the most important regions for us. Remo Maissen Eidg. Dipl. Verlags- und Immobilienfachmann is managing this offices.

In the real estate field we look for and find your buyer or seller for a real estate property or rental object. Our administration activity contains technical and economical efficient administration of condominiums - maintaining, budgeting and accounting. Beside we also take care of all tasks for renting properties - creating adequate rental fees, announcements and contracts.